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Published 28th April 2020, 12:0pm

The Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development (CICBD), in the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, will begin its free webinars series for businesses affected by COVID-19 on Wednesday, April 29, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The session will focus on the topic, “Working Strategy and Projects” and explore best practice strategic planning tools to apply regularly to businesses both in recovery now and going forward.

To join the webinar via Zoom, interested persons can visit the Business Guidance section of for the link.

The training webinar will be hosted by CICBD in partnership with Kerage Un Limited, with facilitators Karen Kersey and Sara Jan. Kerage Un Limited is an organisational performance and leadership design agency that focuses on improving results delivered by companies and individuals.

Commerce Minister Hon. Joey Hew has said these training sessions are especially important as business owners seek to to redesign or re-think their business models at this time. “Businesses are going through a lot right now amid the uncertainty of Covid-19. Some of the actions taken over the next few weeks could determine the long run of individual businesses and even the economy. I encourage our entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities provided by these webinars to be equipped with the most impactful information,” he stated.

The Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development was opened last month to provide support to small businesses across the Islands especially during this current crisis.

The services being offered by the Centre for Business Development to the public include business continuity training and the processing of several relief measures announced by Government to support micro and small businesses.