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Published 5th August 2020, 1:13pm

The Liquor Licensing Board advises Grand Cayman liquor licence holders, including those with music and dancing licences, that the deadline for applications is Friday, August 14, 2020.

The annual Liquor Licensing Board meeting is scheduled to be held on September 14, 2020.

Licence holders are encouraged to submit applications for renewals as soon as possible and by the deadline to allow for the agenda to be published as stipulated by law.

All liquor licence holders are required to have a valid trade and business licence. Those persons currently holding licences that are in abeyance cannot renew the liquor licence without a valid trade and business licence.

    Licence holders are reminded of the following:

1. Police clearances are no longer required for renewal applications.

2. Inspections by the Planning Department are no longer a requirement for a renewal application.

3. It is the responsibility of the licensee to make arrangements for annual inspections of the licenced premises by the Department of Environmental Health and the Fire Department.

4. Copies of the inspection report must be retained by the licensee.

5. Inspection reports are no longer required to be submitted with a renewal application.

6. To renew a licence, an applicant must submit a completed application form for each location and licence being renewed along with the licensing fee for each category.

7. The Liquor Licensing Board will be notified at the annual session by the relevant Department of any premises deemed unsatisfactory during the inspection process, prior to the Board’s decision for renewal said licence.

Business owners may contact the relevant Departments directly should they have any questions relating to inspections. The contact details for the various Departments are:

Department of Environmental Health: Contact the Department directly at 949-6696 or email for information or to schedule an inspection; alternatively you may visit the Department at 580 North Sound Road, George Town. In Cayman Brac, contact the DEH Office at 916-4201.

Fire Service: Email Alternatively call or email a specific inspector directly on the numbers listed below.

Applicants are required to have their annual servicing and maintenance reports for all necessary fire protection systems available. The applicable reports will be required to be submitted to the Department for review and consideration prior to the scheduling of the inspection.

Fire Inspectors: Mr. Darnely Scott 345-916-0429; Mrs. Tiffany Ebanks 345-926-8176;

Port Authority: Vessel inspection requests and fees should be made at the Port Authority location at 45A, Harbour Drive, George Town. All queries can be directed to 949-2055 or email, or

Variations: Any desired change to a licence’ s (a) licensee; (b) the location of the licensed premises; (c) the licensed premises by making addition or alteration; (d) the specified hours; (e) the category of licence; or (f) any condition imposed requires a variation. Variation applications must include all relevant documents, approvals and payment.

Licence Category and Permitted Hours: Please carefully review licence categories and the permitted hours given below to ensure that all applications are made for the correct category as per your business activity.

Licensees should submit applications at the Business Licensing Counter, 1st floor of the Government Administration Building.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Department of Commerce and Investment’s website,

For more information, contact Michelle Minzett at 244-6678 or Samone Morgan at 244-2097. For Sister Islands operations, please contact Lolita Bodden at 948-2400 or Dave Tatum, 244-4401.